Innova Color Conditioner 300ml (New)

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If you’ve come across Indola Color shampoo, then the thing that would make the perfect combo with it is Indola color conditioner. Treat your hair the right way and it will repay you twice as much. Colored hair is very prone to damages and brittleness. Do you want your hair to be the same way or not? Act now and make your hair shine in all its glory. This magical conditioner is designed to restore your hair after hair dyeing, protect it from damages done by the dye, but at the same time seal the dye so your hair can stay colorful and beautiful much longer.

Indola Color series are designed specifically for hair dye damaged hair. The conditioner is Infused with Silk Proteins, it detangles and smoothens whilst helping to lock color into the hair to prevent fading for up to 90% color retention even after 30 washes. The formula with the Pixel Technology brings the hair back to a virgin-like hair quality to ensure color shine. This conditioner makes the hair easier to comb and will positively increase the image of your hair, without additionally damaging your luxurious hair. It is suitable for all types of colored hair.